Here I am, back for my last year at CAL!

I’ve got a whole plethora of things I’m doing this year, and way more skills this year than I had last year, so expect good things.

Lately I’ve been brushing up on my HTML and JS skills. After that I’m planning on getting into Java to start developing desktop applets. Hope I get to show off some results worthy of bragging about soon.


Banners (Web Dev)

Hello again, Doug here with the results of the latest project I’ve caught up on!

Here we have 4 banners, like ones you’d see for advertisements or on the tops of webpages.



This is the “personal” banner. What’s more personal than the all knowing sloth?Image

Here is one announcing a sale at Target.Image

Here is one promoting my school, CALImage

And this is our “movie” banner. (At least Fiddlesticks was featured in the league cinematic right?Image

Save for Web

Hello Again! Doug here with another assignment. Here’s the difference between image file types.


GIF: Either 100% transparent or 100% opaque. No in between


JPEG: Absolutely NO transparency. Background color is a requirement.


PNG 8: Limited transparency as well, like GIF. 100% or 0% transparency. No in between.


PNG 24: Supports FULL transparency. Any value accepted.



Update on my video class!
Here is the final edit of Harmonics, my submission to the International Youth Silent Film Festival. It was a lot of fun to film, and even more fun to edit, although it was also very stressful (due to my serious lack of planning).
Props to Rhianna Rees, my partner Marley Bower, and my brother Caleb for all their hard work!

Rhianna – http://rhiannarees.wordpress.com/
Marley – http://inconspiciousfrequency.wordpress.com/
IYSFF – http://www.makesilentfilm.com/